Adaptive Reuse

We have a deep regard for the adaptive reuse of existing structures and the built environment. Each adaptive reuse project has its unique qualities and characteristics. J5architects is committed to sustainable building practices and advocates the adaptive reuse of existing structures and places.

Adaptive reuse projects are a win-win situation for our clients and the environment. By restoring and adaptively reusing aging structures and places we are preserving the past and creating something new and useful from something that was previously obsolete or underutilized.

Adaptive reuse projects inherently exhibit environmental responsibility via preservation and by the reduced volume of construction waste that is delivered to landfills. We advocate the recycling of buildings for a new use and the salvaging of building materials for reuse in the construction industry or other industries as well. J5architects has the knowledge and expertise to sensitively revitalize aging structures and places. We have the building science knowledge base to convert decommissioned structures into high performance buildings that perform as efficiently as new high performance building projects.

We have the creative capability to work with owners to develop new and exciting facilities with dynamic exterior and interior program spaces. We have the expertise to detail existing building enclosures properly without detriment to the historical character of the structure. We employ new building technologies and incorporate environmentally responsible building strategies as appropriate. We integrate new building materials and systems seamlessly with existing structures, blending the new with the old, in context or in direct contrast, per owner requirements. Successful adaptive reuse projects exhibit the old in the context of the new use. Speak with us to learn how we can assist you with your adaptive reuse project and help you develop high performance energy efficient structures that will endure the next one hundred years, with minimal maintenance and upkeep and a rapid return on investment.