Building Forensics • Remediation • Contract Administration

At J5architects we are adept at providing our clients with expertise in building forensics. We have the knowledge base to quickly analyze problems areas in existing building assemblies and develop phased remediation programs to successfully mitigate building system failures, whether simple or complex, in the most cost effective manner.

We work closely with owners and provide a three phase project approach designed to remediate failed building systems. Phase one entails forensic assessment reports that outline our findings and strategies to remediate. We perform non-destructive analysis and, where required, strategic destructive testing where we engage a specialized general contractor to dismantle portions of building assemblies in order to physically test failed systems in a controlled laboratory setting or to view obstructed suspect areas. Our forensic reports provide a thorough analysis of why building systems have failed and address conceptual alternatives with preliminary cost estimates that are designed to provide mitigation solutions.

Phase two engages our experts and clients. Together we fine tune and develop a building remediation program that best serves the owners’ project goals and capital program. This phase involves the development and delivery of remediation contract documents and specifications that can be competitively bid.

On most extensive remediation projects, we advocate an integrated project delivery model approach to remediation. Ask us how integrated project delivery can work for you on your remediation projects.

Phase three entails careful administration of the contract for construction. We are there every step of the way, ensuring that your investment in your building remediation project is executed with expertise, delivered on time and on budget and with minimal disruption to your ongoing day to day business operations.

Selecting J5architects to address and manage your building remediation efforts is smart business. We can solve the most perplexing of problems associated with building system failures. Our forensic services provide our clients with answers as to why their buildings are failing, along with cost effective remediation programs that are designed to deliver a rapid return on investment.