Facility Assessments

We provide a path to a more functional, efficient and profitable future for business owners, institutions, cities and towns via our comprehensive facility and grounds assessments. We carefully address our clients’ concerns for facility performance and functionality, safety, operational efficiency and growth potential.

We analyze current operations associated with infrastructure, facilities, equipment/technology, support staff and growth requirements. We address what is working successfully and where systems are not performing efficiently, how to improve efficiency and profitability, and exhibit future strategic business expansion.

We are seasoned planners with expertise in the science of building technology. We work closely with our clients in a collaborative process, producing fully documented facility and grounds assessment reports that highlight system inefficiencies and/or failures. We provide conceptual remediation alternatives, each addressing scope of required remedial work, cost estimates and associated construction schedules. Our solutions are carefully planned and phased for maximum efficiency and ease of implementation, providing seamless integration with our clients’ ongoing business operations.

Speak with us to learn how we can assist you with your facility and grounds assessment efforts and help you develop an effective building and grounds remediation program. We can adapt your existing poorly performing assemblies to energy efficient high performance assemblies with minimal disruption to your daily business operations. Our remediation programs provide a rapid ROI and result in increased revenue streams.