Historic Restoration

We have a deep appreciation of old buildings, their unique character, level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, even on the simplest of structures. J5architects is committed to sustainable building practices and maintaining our historic and old building stock. We feel that our future is built upon our historical past.

J5architects has the knowledge and expertise to sensitively restore aging structures and convert poorly performing, inefficient structures to high performance buildings that perform as efficiently as our new high performance building projects. Rapid advances in the science and technology of building materials provide solid backing for preservation and rehabilitation. We have the knowledge base to detail historic building enclosures properly without detriment to the historical character of the structure. We preserve rather than replace and employ new building technologies and building science as appropriate. When material replacement is necessary, we replace in kind. We utilize and integrate new building materials and technologies seamlessly with historic structures, where required, maintaining historical context.

We have performed restorations requiring strict adherence with federal historic preservation guidelines. Our J5architects corporate office is housed within the fully restored 1869 Italianate Alpheus Gay House, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The facility was fully restored in 2001 and retrofitted to high performance specifications.

We believe that maintaining a physical connection with our historical past is critical to preserving our knowledge of the history of architecture. Preservation of the historic built environment benefits our global ecosystem and serves the public as an effective educational tool.

Speak with us to learn how we can assist you with your preservation project and help you develop high performance historical structures that will endure the centuries to come efficiently, with minimal maintenance and upkeep and with a rapid return on investment.