J5architects provides a broad spectrum of architectural services and professional consulting services. With thoughtful consideration of each clientís specific project requirements and desire for excellence, we address project goals with great care as if they were our own.

We have been planning new building construction projects and tenant fit-up projects since the mid 1980ís in a wide range of commercial sectors. We have been developing energy efficient structures since that time. J5architects has a solid background in providing owners with intelligent and efficient architectural design and planning solutions.

In the mid 1990ís we became involved with changing paradigms in building construction associated with building enclosures and mechanical systems integration. We worked closely with a group of Canadian engineers that were developing high performance building design principles being established in Canada, Germany, Sweden and Holland. We learned how to develop 100 year building assemblies that provide a high level of thermal performance, control of air infiltration/exfiltration and moisture management and how to ensure healthy indoor air quality.

We are experts in creating high performance buildings. We understand the importance of developing buildings that are safe, healthy and extremely efficient. We design new 100 year high performance assemblies and have the capability to retrofit existing building assemblies to perform at the same level as our new building projects. J5architects has the expertise to assess existing facilities and specify appropriate retrofits that convert existing buildings that are performing poorly (mechanically, thermally and with respect indoor air quality) to facilities that perform with extreme efficiency, provide healthy interior environments and have extended life cycles.

We plan and manage our projects with great care. We work with owners and constructors in a collaborative process while providing fresh and creative solutions to challenging project parameters, staying within budget and on schedule.