Urban Renewal

Urban renewal comes in many shapes, sizes and flavors. Generally urban renewal refers to upgrades to urban areas that are underutilized, underperforming, undeveloped or unused. Successful urban renewal projects provide a new function or offer new or enhanced services to cities and/or their communities.

Infrastructure improvement projects can bring public access and new business development. Other efforts can involve gateway and recreation projects that create a new sense of place in the community, bringing people outdoors to recreate and enjoy the benefits of the local urban community. Streetscape upgrades with traffic calming devices bring new life, organization, energy and pride of place to underutilized or underperforming urban areas.

Urban renewal projects operate under the premise that an improved quality of life will draw more people and businesses to the area and provide a positive economic base which in turn provides a return on investment.

J5architects’ founder was raised in Montreal Canada, widely known as a world class city with dynamic architecture, transportation systems, parks and recreation facilities, arts and cultural festivals, public markets, thriving business center, tourist industry and ongoing urban development. We have first hand experience with successful large and small scale urban renewal projects and have a grasp on providing our public clients with our broad based experience with successful urban renewal planning strategies. We develop thoughtful, creative and ingenious urban renewal designs.

Our concepts are designed to perform with minimum expense and with life cycles in excess of one hundred years. We integrate our designs seamlessly with the surrounding urban environment, serving communities and enhancing the quality of life in urban areas that were previously underperforming or underutilized.

Speak with us to learn how we can assist you with your urban renewal project and help you develop dynamic solutions that will reenergize your communities’ social fabric and economic engine with designs that suit their environment, enhance their surroundings, appeal to the visual senses and endure the next one hundred years, with minimal maintenance and upkeep and a rapid return on investment.