LEED Certification • Building Commissioning

LEED certification provides an independent, third-party verification on building projects meeting the highest green building and performance specifications.

J5architects is a national member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and we are New Hampshire USBGC chapter members as well. We advocate efficient site and building design and can assist owners in achieving LEED certification for their building projects. Being USGBC chapter members we are involved with sustainable systems and environmental awareness at the local level.

J5architects specializes in full building commissioning services. We work closely with owners to develop a building commissioning plan along with a building commissioning specification that details the scope and minimum acceptable performance requirements on the project. We ensure that each of the systems specified is designed, installed and performance tested to meet the intent of the owners’ commissioning requirements. J5architects provides commissioning of the building envelope while our specialized engineering consultants commission site specific systems, building mechanical systems, water conveyance and storage systems and renewable energy systems.

J5architects administers the commissioning process, coordinating with owner, constructor and our consultants. We furnish a commissioning chronological file and final report to the owner and project team, fully documenting the commissioning process and testing of the as-built systems at substantial completion of the contract for construction.

We offer enhanced commissioning services that coordinate with the indoor air quality (IAQ) management plan. We monitor and document indoor air quality from mid-construction and pre-occupancy and provide a baseline indoor air quality test in accordance with EPA guidelines prior to occupancy. We provide a post-occupancy review of the IAQ management plan 9-10 months after substantial completion of the contract for construction. We address outstanding issues and coordinate the required system adjustments with the on site operations and maintenance building manager.

We develop an operations and maintenance system manual designed to provide current and future O&M staff with a guideline that focuses on ease of use and controlling building systems at their optimum performance specifications.

Speak with us about reducing carbon output and greenhouse gasses, and how we can help you design a sustainable building site, effectively manage water efficiency, building waste, energy usage and indoor air quality, and specify the most appropriate environmentally responsible building components for your next building project. We can ensure that your next building project is built properly and performs at maximum operating efficiency.