The majority of building projects today involve a component of building renovations. Many new construction projects entail extensive building renovations. Some building construction projects address only renovation scope. Why renovate? In most cases renovation costs are significantly lower than new construction costs. For that reason alone renovations make sense. Renovation projects also benefit the environment and reduce the impact on global warming. Owners of existing buildings are being encouraged to renovate rather than build new. The federal government has incentive programs (ARRA grants) that address funding for building efficiency upgrades. Building renovation projects contribute to the reduction of carbon output in the atmosphere.

J5architects has the expertise to exhibit how poorly performing facilities can become at least 30% more efficient and in some cases 50% to 100%+ more efficient. We help building owners renovate their existing structures and institute our knowledge of how to make existing buildings high performance buildings. We can predict significant operational heating and cooling savings via our knowledge of high performance building technology, and our understanding of how to properly detail the building enclosure to perform at near perfect efficiency and to integrate that efficient envelope with new, highly efficient mechanical systems.

We can provide owners with a rapid ROI on their renovation initiatives and can develop net zero energy buildings, given the correct mix of local geology, access to sun light and primary wind flow. We are adept at building science and can illustrate via computer and hand calculations how building renovations can be extremely cost effective, reduce operations and maintenance expenditures and improve indoor air quality, employee productivity and quality of life.